Charlie Giardina and his students Anton Kuratnik and Avi Chopra (left to right) planning experiments in the labSome of the past members of the Giardina labDrug discovery through in silico modellingCao et al. Development of intestinal organoids as tissue surrogates: Cell composition and epigenetic control of differentiation.From left to right: Brian Aneskievich, Charles Giardina, Joerg Graf, Lawrence HightowerPresentation on the regulation of Cox-2 activation in colon cancer cells.

Research overview

My laboratory studies the inter- and intra-cellular signaling events required for maintaining the structure and function of intestinal epithelium, with a focus on those events involved in epithelial cell proliferation and death.

We are also trying to understand the molecular mechanisms of transcription factor regulation by chemical and physical injury.

Upcoming Events

  1. Jun 12 MCB Related Proposal: Kaylah Samuelson10:00am
  2. Jun 22 ISG Networking Event9:00am
  3. Aug 24 MCB Departmental Retreat10:00am
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